Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There are so many emotions  I get each and every day since we first met our daughters and have been home as a family. So many of our friends and family have asked how things are going, and I can honestly say they are wonderful. I LOVE having a big family. If you would have asked when we first got married if I wanted a lot of kids...I would have said 2 maybe 3 at the most. Now having four is amazing. I love to watch them all interact with each other in completely different ways. I love the things the boys have learned about adoption. Nicholas was so young when we adopted him that he doesn't remember much (although those that know him...he does remember some!). I hope we can teach them all about the needs of orphans and do our part as a family to help them, pray for them and educate others about them. I think of the 3 of them and thank God that he chose us down the path of adoption. I cannot imagine my life had we not been able to experience all that we have. Yes, it took many mountains to get the girls home, but I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat. My goal now is to do some fundraising for the orphans in the world and to educate others....will it lead us to another adoption? Only God knows that answer....for now we will continue to pray for those children to have a mommy and daddy to tuck them in bed every night and tell them that they are loved.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Ethiopia pics

Carter and Nicholas first night home with Katie

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!

I cannot believe my sweet little Nicholas is 6 years old today. I can remember it like it was yesterday....how nervous we were as we boarded the plane to pick him up. We were leaving on the journey of a lifetime as our baby boy was turning one. I have prayed many prayers for his birth mom, I can't imagine what she must be thinking of as her boy turns 6. Nicholas asked me yesterday if his birth mommy could see a picture of him. I said no, but I am sure she has the picture of him in her mind of how he looked the day he was born. We are so thankful that God has chosen us to raise this chatty little man. He is unique in so many ways and gives us so many smiles everyday. We love you Nicholas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

They fit in so well....

I still sit back and look at the girls and I am amazed that they are really here, not just the pictures we gazed at for so many months...they are such perfects gifts. People are still asking how our transtions are going...and I hesitate to say, but it is still wonderful. We had Nick's family Bday party yesterday...about 25 people in our not so big house...needless to say a bit noisy! The girls fit in so well, they played with the other kids and seemed to have a blast! Nicholas had a great time and got so many new things....he was a very happy little boy! He was cracking me up today...Katie kept asking him something and he of course could not understand..his response was "She's from Ethiopia you know, I cannot understand her!" I was cracking up! Katie and Nicholas are so much alike, social, chatty and full of energy and life. I feel so lucky for all 4 of them.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Way over do.....

Well we have been home for 2 1/2 weeks and my goal to write about our time there and since we have been home has not happened...but I am making a promise to  myself to try harder and keep this thing updated!
Our first couple weeks home have been AMAZING! It feels weird to say perfect, but it is so close to that. We feel so blessed and lucky that God chose us for these amazing children and so lucky that our boys at home have been no less than wonderful. They have been waiting so long for sisters and I think they are loving the extra entertainment in the house! I cannot write this without mentioning our truely incredible family and friends who have helped us get through everything, the prayers, kind words, visits, clothes, toys and not to mention all of the delicious food! I had lost weight in Ethiopia, but have found it since we have been home! Though I am not complaining one bit because it was so nice to not have to think about what to fix for supper. The firsts for all of the girls have been so fun..automatic sinks, elevators, escalators, hair salons, wal mart, malls, restaurants, bike rides, and many, many more. The surprise and excitement in their face brings us such joy and reminds us once again how lucky we really are.....