Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 months home!

Well, today it is officially our 3 month anniversary as a family of 6! Needless to say it has flown by so fast!!! We are still getting used to our new "normal" and I think we are all adjusting pretty well. The non-stop noise and chaos is so fun....and exhausting! I am still wishing the laundry fairy would visit my house but I am not holding my breath. Katie is our sweet little motor mouth who is speaking all English all the time....she is funny and sassy and a little parrot, nothing goes by that she doensn't repeat. She is Nicholas' shadow and Carter's cuddle buddy. Olivia is slowly starting to try more and more English everyday. She has made a good stride and then stopped,  but just in the past few days has started to build more confidence and talk more and more. She is still the one I use the most spray and wash on...grass stains on nearly everything!!! Olivia tried cotton candy for the first time today....absolutley hilarious...she put it in her mouth and then said.."where did it go?"....she cracked up and then went on to eat the french fries instead. She loves to eat that is for sure :) Nicholas has been doing better with his adjustment of not being the "baby" anymore. He still has his moments and tries to pick on either Katie or Carter, and neither one of them put up with it! Carter earned an award last week at school for his good attitude and work at school. We are very proud of his success this school year. He told me "oh mom it was nothing." He is so funny. These first three months has been wonderful, I cannot wait to see what the next 3 bring. If you have ever considered adoption....I encourage you to look into it, it is an amazing and rewarding process.