Sunday, August 8, 2010

6 months home!

the girls at 6 Flags June 2010Adoption Day! June 2010Gettin ready to go to 6 Flags!

Our first 6 months have been filled with so many amazing memories....I am so thankful God chose this path for our family. I have such a passion for helping orphans and hope to do more in the future. It is rubbing off on the kids too, esp Carter...he says if he is every rich he will buy the White House and fill it up with orphans. He is so caring and compassionate! We are making it a family goal to do what we can to help the those children will have someone to tuck them in at night and kiss them when they are hurt. That is the one part about adoption that can be knowing what took place in thier lives before God chose us to take care of them. BUT there are so many great things about adoption that I wouldn't trade for the world! I get to hug them now and I get to watch them grow into amazing adults. It is such a gift. Please pray for the ophans that they too will have a mom and a dad to get hugs and kisses from tonight.