Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago today we were leaving on a plane.....for the journey of a lifetime. I cannot believe how it seems like just yesterday. We were so excited and so so scared. Halfway around the world our 2 beautiful girls were waiting for us. I was worried about leaving my boys behind, but I really don't know why. They had Grandma to themselves for 10 days straight! They were excited to meet their sisters. I remember a long time ago when we decided to adopt again, we told the boys about it and they couldn't wait. Nicholas was under the impression that we would be getting 2 sisters, one for him and one for Carter. At that time we never dreamed we really would be getting 2 sisters. It is funny the way God works, getting your heart prepared for what is to come. I can still remember seeing the girls pictures on the waiting child list. I told Steve about them and he looked at me like I was the craziest person ever. 2? he said, I thought we had agreed to one more?
Well at the time, we were the 3rd family interested in the girls, what would the harm be in being placed on the waiting list for them? Well one email  2 months later....the dossier for Ethiopia began. We traveled just 8 months later.
Our trip to Ethiopia was life changing and amazing. I will never forgot the butterflies in my stomach as we pulled into the transition home. I could see them on the porch, they were dressed so pretty and you could tell they were anxious to come. Our girls. I am still in awe how far they have come. Katie picked up on everything so quickly. She is so spirited and spunky and so much fun. She is a big 4 year in Preschool and just such a doll. She loves candy, Dora and coloring. She hates vegetables, going to bed and cleaning up her toys. Then there is Olivia. What a beautiful young lady she has become already. She is our quiet, sweet helpful girl. She loves sweets, Hannah Montana and listening to music. She hates carrots, putting away her laundry and cleaning her room. I admire her strength. She has seen more in her life than many of us have. She had to let go of her parents and say good bye to her siblings, begin in a new school with no friends and knew very little English. She has done it all without hesitation.
Katie's 4th Bday-Oct. 27th

Olivia's 11th Bday Dec. 21st

Matching jammies at Gmas house!

Christmas Day 2010

My sweet Olivia!

Christmas 2010
The joy in seeing them both experience so many firsts. I am excited for year number 2 as a family of 6.