Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life with 4 kids

Well, needless to say it has been a long time since I have written! We are starting to learn our "new" normal and have settled in quite well. We just returned from vacation at Myrtle Beach with our awesome friends. We all had a great time. The girls loved the ocean and the pools, Katie was not shy at all...she was jumping in and going under water from the minute we got there. Olivia is determined to keep up with Carter, so she is teaching herself how to swim and is doing a good job. We are really keeping busy this summer, Carter , Olivia and Nicholas are all in Summer School. Katie is in tumbling and loves it. She comes out of every class with her sucker and a big smile. Steve and I just laugh at how much Nicholas and Katie are alike. We are lucky they have each other to talk to each other every day!!! While Nick is at school I think Katie asks at least a million questions and repeats EVERYTHING! Her English is incredible, you would never know she has only been here for 4 months. I still look at them both and think of how far they have come. Olivia is starting to gain confidence and talk more. She really opened up a lot the other night and was telling me about her family in Ethiopia. She told me that she and her brother look like their father and Katie and her older sister look like their mom. Their dad made horse shoes. Their works on fixing houses, and their mom often made woven baskets. Apperently Katie's crib was not too good because it used to break every day and she would fall out of it! She showed me the picture of her with the huge bumps on her head! Poor Katie!

Friday is a big day for our family...official re-adoption day! We are actually re-adopting Nicholas too. When he was adopted we didn't have to re-adopt him because of the type of visa he entered on, but we decided to go ahead and re-adopt him the same time we do the girls.

We are all looking forward to lots of quality and memory making time this summer. Carter asked Steve today if he could switch his job to a teacher so he could have the summer off too.....he is such a sweetie.