Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 months and our first Christmas

Where on earth have the past 10 months gone? It really just seems like yesterday when Steve and I boarded that plane that would change our lives forever. As a little girl I never imagined having 4 kids...I always wanted a boy and a girl. Thanks be to God for changing that for me! No, our house is never quiet (well if it is you better go see what they are all doing!) and it is not always neat, but it is full of love and fun! The girls have come so far in such a short time. Olivia and Nicholas were in the Grace Church Christmas program this past weekend. I sat there as the proudest mom ever. There on that stage were once 2 orphans that had no mom or dad to hold them, hug them, tuck them in at night and God chose us to be there parents. I watched Olivia as she sang those words in English so well, when just 10 months ago all she could say was mom and dad! She has so much energy and love for life, she is such a joy to have in our family. And Nicholas, as he stared at the director, trying so hard to get every move right, was once just as baby in an orphanage begging to be held. And Katie, our little bug got to sing a few songs with her class too. She adds a new level of excitement to our house that compares to nothing. Her precious little voice when she says"Mommy, you're the best!" just melts my heart every time. And finally there is Carter. Our little boy who really does not do well with change who had his world turned upside down this year with so much newness. He loves his sisters with all his heart. He has such a bond with each of them. He is truly Katie's protector and best pal with Olivia. The Christmas season has been so much fun with the girls. From putting up the tree, seeing lights all over town, shopping, wrapping, meeting Santa Claus for the first time, baking cookies, and of course all of the SNOW! To see Christmas through the eyes of a child is a miracle. I feel so blessed that our first Christmas as 6 has been such a joy.


  1. Loved this post Sally! Merry Christmas.

  2. So glad to see a new post! I've been thinking a lot this Christmas...about where we were last year...us hoping for Caleb...him lonely in an orphanage. It is truly amazing - what God has done. So glad we got to share the process with you guys!