Monday, September 6, 2010

Soles for Jesus.....will you help?

While reading a friend's blog I came across this amazing a shoe drive for the orphan and homeless children of Africa! I instantly thought what an awesome opportunity. As a mother of 2 beautiful Ethiopian children, we witnessed the need for shoes. SO, we are hosting a shoe drive starting tomorrow, Sept 7th and running through Sept. 24th. We will be collecting shoes at St. Mark School where I work and at Lettie Brown School. If you would like to drop shoes off at our house, we will have a bin inside our porch. I am also willing to pick up shoes if you send me a message! Steve and I will be personally delivering the shoes to the warehouse that the shoes are shipped from in Wisconsin. You may tuck a personal note inside if you wish also. If you do not have shoes to donate but would still like to help, you may donate money which goes to offset the cost of shipping the shoes to Ethiopia. Thank you all!
Sizes Needed: toddler through adult size 9
This information below is just a small part of what is on their website. Please visit   to learn more!
Ethiopia has over 4.2 million orphans. 44% of Ethiopia’s population is under the age of 15. Per capita, Ethiopia receives less aid than any African country. One in six children die before their fifth birthday. These are some of the stats that quickly surface when researching Ethiopia. The team saw first-hand the desperate need for these neglected orphans and street kids and how it greatly burdens the heart of God. For this reason alone, the Lord has clearly established Soles For Jesus. Shoe donations will be sent to orphanages, hospitals, drop-in centers (for street kids), as well as other organizations that are reaching out to children and youth in great need (ages 0-15). These shoes are an amazing gift of hope and safety, given to those in such uncertain surroundings.

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  1. LOVE this!! Great idea Sally- can't wait to help out!